A movement of the farmers, for the farmers …

NECC is unique in many ways. With a membership of more than 25,000 it is the largest single association of poultry farmers in the world. Most of today’s egg production in India comes from NECC members.
In the past two decades, NECC has played a significant role for the betterment of the poultry industry in general, and the egg industry in particular, through its various programmes like market intervention, price support operations, egg promotion campaigns, consumer education, market research, rural market development and liaisons with the government on vital issues concerning the industry.
A complete voluntary effort by farmers, it has no statutory authority to enforce its declared price, nor does it compel anybody to contribute to its funds. It is based on co-operative spirit and a simple conviction, the right to determine their own selling price.
It makes no profits and subsists entirely on voluntary contributions from the members of layer farmers. To acquire the co-operation of all its widely dispersed members NECC uses a 3-tier democratic setup organized in the form of 40 committees around the country.