Organization : : The 3 tiers of success … …

NECC functions through a 3 tier democratic structure.
Executive Committee This apex body consists of 17 members elected by the founder members, Chairmen and Vice-Chairmen of the Zonal Committees.
Zonal Committees: NECC has Zonal Committees at each important poultry producing and consuming centre. Each Zonal Committee consists of 5 members elected by the electoral college consisting of the Charimen and Vice-Chairmen of the Local Committees in its zone. The Chairmen are also ex-officio members of the apex body. NECC has 24 Zonal Committees.
Local Committees: Local Committees form the grass root level of NECC, presently functioning in 125 locations. Each Local Committee consists of 5 members elected by the ordinary members belonging to the area covered by it.
The General Body: Comprising of 25,000 members, these are the primary members which include poultry farmers as well as egg traders. Elections to all the committees are held once in 3 years on democratic lines. NECC members work towards a common goal crossing barriers not only of geography, but of culture and language as well. To further strengthen this unity, NECC publishes the monthly NECC Review so that farmers in the farthest corner of the country are aware of the latest developments and technological progress being made world-wide.