Objectives : Aiming high and how are they achieved …

NECC's objectives and achievements go far beyond determining fair egg prices. After fulfilling its original purpose NECC expanded its scope of activities to achieve the following.

  1. Price declaration.
  2. To decide upon a reasonable price for eggs which ensures a fair return to the farmers, decent margins to the middleman and a fair price to the customer.
  3. To monitor the egg stock levels in different production centres.
  4. Manage stock levels and regulate the movement of stocks from surplus to deficit regions, in order to maintain a balance between demand and supply.
  5. Market intervention through Agrocorpex India Limited.
  6. To organize and unite poultry farmers across the country.
  7. To create a dependable distribution network so that eggs could reach every household in every village.
  8. To generate employment by encouraging people to take up egg farming and egg trading.
  9. To promote exports and develop export markets
  10. To make available the technology and information for increased production of eggs.
  11. To get government support and financial aid from banks for various schemes in rural India.
  12. Advertise with the objective of educating the customer.
  13. Undertake a powerful egg promotion campaign to counter the myths about the egg and communicate it's benefits. This would help increase the level of consumption of eggs.
  14. Market research, identification and its development.
  15. Preparation and submission of position papers to the government on issue affecting the industry.